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Estuardo Masias
Owners of LaCalera, Estuardo Masias and Estuardo Masias Jr.
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For over 30 years La Calera, a family owned business, has been exporting fresh fruit from its farms in Peru to customers across the globe.

La Calera’s operation is growing every year. They currently own 2,400 hectares (6,000 Acres) of planted orchards. “We are producing about 55,000 tons of citrus per year and expect to increase that to 76,000 tons of citrus in 2020, for a total of 100,000 tons. This includes other fruits that we grow," said Mr Masias referring to the expectations for production in the coming years.

La Calera has a complete turnkey operation including every aspect of the production cycle, from growing, packing, shipping, storage and distribution.

La Calera’s citrus season is quite long, starting in February, through to early October. “We grow several types starting in February with Satsumas, (Okitsu variety,) and continue with Satsuma Owari, then Clementines, Minneolas, Honey Tangerines and W. Murcott varieties," says Estuardo Masias, Jr.

In addition to citrus the company also produces grapes, which start in October and run through November, December and January. Hass avocados harvest during May, June and July.
Mango production begins in December and runs through March. Three varieties our grown, Haden, Tommy Atkins and Kent. In March, April and May Pomegranates are harvested and will be shipped to the U.S. market in the very near future.

The company has various farm and packing house certifications, including: Global Gap, ETI, BASC Certification, TNC, BRC, among others, ensuring quality and food safety on all of La Calera’s products.